Beanpole (2019)

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1945 year. The first post-war autumn. Suffering from sudden bouts of dumbfounded Ia (Victoria Miroshnichenko), nicknamed Dylda, works in a Leningrad hospital and educates her son Pashka, who was born at the front. The daily routine is interrupted by the arrival of Masha’s fighting girlfriend (Vasilisa Perelygin) - the girl is seriously determined to take away from Iya what once belonged to her.



  • Name: Дылда
  • Release Date: 16 May 2019
  • Release USA: 29 January 2020
  • Studio: Non-Stop Productions
  • Country: Russia
  • Language: Russian
  • Genre: Drama, War
  • Runtime: 130 min.



  1. The film was shot in St. Petersburg in 2018.
  2. Especially for close-ups in the hospital, syringes were made with a telescopic needle hiding in the “body” of the syringe.
  3. All bandages were tinted in tea solution and dried on the battery the night before the shift, simulating worn.
  4. The film features a New Year's scene. The group got access to the archives, where they read out exactly how small pieces of cotton wool were “planted” to simulate snowflakes: the little joy for the patients of besieged Leningrad was exactly repeated by the props assistants.
  5. For the development of damaged limbs, patients in hospitals of those years manufactured simulators on their own. In museums and books, the group managed to find these artisanal objects and make exact copies of them.
  6. The picture used real tram cars of that time, now stored in the Museum of Electric Transport in St. Petersburg. For a number of personnel, the group had to think over a whole construction that could imitate the external footrest for the “hares” that really existed in those days: one that would not harm the museum exhibit and at the same time withstand a dozen “passengers”.
  7. The car of the son of a party functionary is also a museum exhibit. This is a 1938 Mercedes car. The actor, who played Sasha, went through a whole training course to cope with management on his own.
  8. Real billboards of the time are placed on a billboard near the club.
  9. The window slots were sealed with real newspapers for 1942, they were found by the props artist on the Specific Market - all issues of the Pravda newspaper for that year. In the process of preparing the scenery, these newspapers had to be carefully hidden, since otherwise they would have been stolen for souvenirs. In addition, from these newspapers, for the New Year’s scene in the hospital, improvised napkins were cut and made on the bedside tables of patients in the ward.
  10. The walls in the hospital corridor were painted green right in the process of filming in three stages, everything was planned on time. But in the last scene in the hospital corridor, we see the corridor completely renovated. This was not in the initial plan, but the producers offered it to the director, he liked the idea. As a result, the walls were painted between takes, unnoticed, and this remained in the film.


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